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The Old Lady in My Neighbor

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Oil painting by Eugenio Zampighi

There is an old lady I see her every now and then in the vegetables store or at the butcher’s. Once, the vegetable dealer’s son wasn't there, so I helped her with carrying the bags.
She was, though she didn’t speak much, the happiest old lady I’ve ever met. I didn’t figure out what she sees in life that makes her that much happy !
   When we arrived to her house at the 4th flour, she insisted that I enter so she can bring me a glass of water. So I did, and while she was in  the kitchen I examined the big poster on the wall of a beautiful model posing in the 60s way, then I found more similar pictures and magazines covers.
“You ?!” I asked her before I drink the water.
“Ah ! Yes that’s me” and she smiled proudly.
“Okay, thank you. I need to go no. Take care”

   I saw her a few times after that, and I found that she has no children, husband, or a family. She was very lonely.
   She talked very openly, so I found that men were literally fighting for her when she was younger, and they would’ve done anything to be with her just for one night. But that was it, one night, she had never fall in love.
I expected when I asked her, she would say she is very sorry for that and feels a huge regret. Yet for my surprise she was very happy about her, life and clarified that if time went back she’ll defiantly do the same !
   I thought I’m taking this love thing seriously too much; maybe we should just enjoy. Anyway after that I was away from home, therefore, I didn’t see her until a year later, I helped her with bags again.
   I couldn’t miss that the big poster was gone leaving a yellow shape on the white wall, I didn’t ask but when I was leaving she called my name.
“Yes ?!”
“Umm.. I meet a great man after you left, I hoped that he’s here so you can meet him”
“Maybe the next time. Glade for you”
“Remember that time when you asked me if I regret my life ?!”

“Well, I said I don’t because actually I’ve never tried love, I didn’t know what I’m missing. Know that I met Gorge I’m grieving every second I spent in a relationship without love !”. 
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