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Women’s Guide for Flying with Superman !

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I’ve read a few days ago an article about what women like to hear from men, then I remembered all the articles and lists about what women like from men and what they found romantic. I tried to make something like that but for men, and after a lot of researches I came up with nothing!. Cause here’s the thing with men .. Men don’t expect from women to do’ em anything romantic .. They don’t like poems, roses, dinner under candles light..etc. Plus men don’t look at value as women do.. women appreciate the small and big things.. moral and material, while men look at value from capitalistic respective !.
    So while women like the small things such as a love note on the fridge, breakfast in bed; men don’t get impressed by such things . However there are other stuff effect men very much . The most important one – form my opinion at least- and you can take this one only if you think this post is too long, is women should understand how much their love for men is strong and powerful, and how much it effects men and can change their lives . And men are very simple, so they don’t ask for anything next to women love but they expect women to show this love all the time ..For example : let’s suppose that a woman bring her man a coup of coffee in the morning, if her face was blue he’ll think she’s mad at him and might ignore that, but if that kept happing he’ll think she’s bored of him. However if she did that with a smile, and maybe a nice word he will feel that she’s doing that because she love him ..and that’s all what he’s asking!. How simple is that ?!. So next time when you hear a poet saying your smile lighten my day, believe him.. he’s telling the truth !.

Superman !
Every man, even since childhood have this imagination of being superman or a knight for the woman he love , and there is always a monster ambushing her and he’s the one who will jump in the middle of danger and rescue her !.
   So men will be very happy when women ask for their help but in return they look for appreciation from women and when that doesn’t happen they feel their help is not needed when that is part of their creation .
And when a lot of women fail to do that, others know how to use it very well .. For example :
She was very busy so she asked him to bring some stuff from the grocery. He wasn’t in the mood for that but he went anyway cause she asked very nicely, then while he was bringing the goods the superman feeling burned in him and he felt proud for helping, then when he came back instead of ignoring she kissed him and said “Thank you honey, it was really nice of you !”. In the next time he did the thing whatever was gladly and few times later he did it without asking !.
So appreciation for men as a sign for love, and of curse this appreciation can be in many ways not only by words !.

    Man also expect and like woman to trust him . Trust him that he’s doing his best and want the best for his woman and would like for her to trust him that he won’t drop her while flying !
And this doesn’t include trusting him with other women, although that would by nice but with limits ..right ?!

   Superman also like it when his woman admire him and when she look at his character and talents with acceptance, respect and gladness .

    Also to accept a man’s character means not try to change him, which men hate really much. I know women do that from love respective but that can be don like pieces of advice instead of changing .. for example :
Instead of making comment on his way of wearing or by him new clothes on your taste, a woman can say: “I think that suits look very good on you” and do nothing else ..eventually the man will do that, cause men like to make women they love happy !.
And that was what I think the mine deal, spicily the first one .. showing that you love him through anything you do. And of course there are other stuff men like, but they are more like nice to do ..such as :
- The woman dressing and trying to look good for her man as for people when she go out, if not better .
- not making from sex a pressure or exchange paper.
- When a man make a mistake and the woman don’t say “I told you so!”
- When she don’t try to push him away from his friend even if she didn’t like them .
- When a woman shows that she’s happy when her man comes home .
- If he asked her for a favor and she can’t do it, she say it without to give him a long list why she can’t .
- when she don’t like a restaurant or anything else she say that nicely with understanding that he want the best for her .

And that’s all what I could think of ..if you have something else or a link to another post about this topic, pleas share it with us .
And thank you !.
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