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picture from : Zim And Zou
I woke up yesterday and thought it would be nice to take a shower before breakfast.. And it was! The smell of the shampoo with “essences of peach and raspberry” was amazing, and very refreshing. And I won’t hide that I thought couple of times to try and drink it!
   After that I want to shave, so I used a cream made from “natural cactus and olive oil to gently protect your skin”. While I looked with some appetite to the strawberry toothpaste.
   Then it was breakfast time. But I had no clean dishes; therefore I needed to wash one with the “natural lemon” paste.
   Finally, I made some egg and pancakes, and after all that peach, lemon … etc. I want to drink some juice, not coffee as usual.
   Umm .. It surely tasted delicious, and that was surprising for me because it was very cheap when I bought it, so I toke the bottle to see what’s written on it .. and that came even more surprising :
   “Orange drink” then in small print “20% natural orange juice” !   
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