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A Pill to Forget

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This is not a hypothetical title. There is actually, drugs to make you forget, and they are given in  very special cases for those who have bad and painful memories; like who had a rape accident.
   A Dutch scientists found that “Beta Blockers” can change human’s memories and the pills that have blockers can reduce the tizzy when a person remember a hard memory. There is also “Propranolol” that’s given for blood pressure; as well, have a mark on decreasing the effects of hard memories. And there are some drugs still under test can delete a complete part of our memories. Anyway, the question is : should we take a pill to forget ?!.
   I have –like a lot of people- very bad and terrifying memories; form the kind that make you see nightmares, and in one particular, I was very close to death. However I don’t won’t to forget them; actually, sometimes I like to write about them, because at the end humans are a unit of memories, and their wisdom and intelligence depends on how many experiences they have, and how they use them .. Right ?!
And there are a lot of examples for people who succeed of turning harmful memories to power; like Dave Pelzer the man who were abused by his mother in his childhood, and if you read his books you’ll see how he turned that to love, and a way to help others, and how much successful he become. And you might sow or heard about such stories more than I did, and maybe you have such a story !.  
    So, even that I hate those memories a lot and hope they don’t happen again I also feel so much stronger because of them and they made me ask an important question about me life, and showed me my true friends. Therefore, if there’s anything I would advise, then it is : deal with your harmful memories, instead of trying to forget them.
Would you take a pill to forget ?!
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