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Pleas, Stop Commenting .. I Know that You Didn’t Read !

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You know how blogs administrators advise you to comment on other people's blogs if you want to get more traffic ?. It’s cool ! I do that a lot but after I write a post and want to see what other people thoughts about the same subject, and I actually read what I’m commenting on and I say if I didn’t like the post. And by this way I’ve met some good people that share the same way of thinking. But what’s bothering me that this start to become very consumed and lots of bloggers comment without reading the post !.

    A blogging advisor, in purpose of getting 100 comments sat a schedule for how many comments can you make in one hour, then in two.. and so on, and he concluded that if you made 100 comments and half of those commented back on your blog, then you replayed, you’ll get 100 comments !.
Seriously, what’s the purpose of all that ? why all this obsession about numbers ? I prefer one person to read my post and that make a different to him rather than a thousand commenting as a pay back or for advertising purpose .. I mean after all it’s a blog not a commercial website !.

   And you know where the problem is ?!. It’s very obvious that those who follow this way didn’t read the post. If you are a blogger then you’re probably familiar with those sentences : “Great post thank u for sharing”. “Nice post looking for more”…etc. And it doesn’t matter if the post is serious or not, sad or happy, the comment is the same, and keep repeating in 100s blogs !.
   What’s funnier that I went to Google Analytics, and those who left such comments didn’t stay in the blog more than 20 second!. So I think they were just coping the comment and pasting !!.

   Therefore dear visitor, if you read this or any other post I would love to hear your opinion even if it was an objection, cause I like people who tell me that I’m wrong when I am, but I don’t like who comment nice things but without reading !.
And thank you for your time.

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