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The Touch and Kiss that Took 16 Years

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nce upon a time, there was in a small town a beautiful girl named Sara. Sara had a very rare and strange allergy; she had an allergy for people !. And therefore she couldn’t touch any human including her mother and father, and she had to wore gloves all the time even when she was very young and want to play with other kids .
    Danni was the boy they she felt in love with him while they were in high school. He was surprised at the beginning by her allergy, but after a while together, it was like something doesn’t exist, and they become unseparated. They hold each other’s hands, yet through gloves, and kissed, still through nylon or piece of fabric, and after the last year prom, he wore the virginity ring for her and said “either you or no one !”.
    Then he went to medical school, and she to the fine arts. However, they lived together in a small apartment, and slept together in the same bed, face to face, and looked into each other eyes every night, but without touching. Still he kept his promise for her, she loved him more .
    When they become 32 years old, he found the therapy for her allergy. Once she toke it, they stood in front of each other in exciting, eeriness because of this moment important, and with some fear because of all the time they took to get here.
    Here they are; the lovers who never touched each other. She took her right hand’s glove off, and took a deep breath, then slowly reached her hand and touched his face by the ends of her fingers, however she quickly came back to understand the worm feeling she had, and in seconds she sensed his face again by the back of her hand, while he had goose bumps all over his body, and didn’t know who, between them, haven’t ever felt the touch of human before . Then he came very close to her; that their feet touched, and surround her  waist gently by his hand and repose his head on hers. They breathed now as one, while sounds hushed listening, and time himself stopped to hallow this moment .. Then he kissed her a kiss waited sixteen years, yet did worth all that and more .
   No matter what I told you, can you imagine what those two felt ?!
   Now, this story wasn’t about Sara and Danni; it’s about me, and like they both felt, I felt when first time I touched and kissed you !.           

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