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So, Who’s Better Men or Women ?

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I was watching a movie and they start a short discussion about who’s beater men or women. I honestly become upset even before I hear the result of that discussion, because while this kind of question almost disappear in this century -I hope so!-; the wrong way of comparing still very much exist, and that doesn’t come out of nowhere; I’m saying that because I always need to face it in my job in marketing .
Before they taught us markets partition we needed to know all the demographic differences and one of those was the differences between men and women, and honestly all what they teach us was based on scientific and reliable research about physical and psychological differences. However the problem was in the way of comparing not in the differences them selves . Which make me ask three simple questions about the whole society view and I hope I’m wrong!.

1st Question: Why when comparing the differences between men and women we consider that men are superiority different and women decreasing different ?!.
   I remember a brain surgeon came to Rachel R Show and start to talk about the differences between men’s brain and women’s, and how men and women think. It was all scientific and I can’t argue with her; cause she was a highly educated dr. .Anyway Rachel kept asking her “so who’s better ?!” but again that wasn’t the problem . the problem was, after the dr. showed that women’s brain take a long way to make a decision and men’s a very short one, she said: “that’s why women can’t decide quickly and they sometimes get confused while men can make up their mind faster”.
I wonder –with all my respect- why she didn’t conclude “women consider all the possibilities before the take a decision while men take overhasty decisions”?! isn’t that a possibility ?!.

2nd Question : Why adjectives with women are insult and with men are compliment ?!
In other words .. Why when we want to show if some act is bad we supplement it by women, and by men if want to show it’s good ?!
   I mean think about it; don’t we say “why are you crying like a girl?” and “ hold yourself together.. be a man !” … and the examples are more then to be count !

3rd Question: Who made men the standard ?
    Why we search for what women miss comparing to men not other wise ?!.
One of the pretended free women as she call herself once said “ obviously, if women want to run a higher positions in big companies they need to be less emotional, and less caring about anyone except themselves” – I remember seeing something similar to that in Desperate Housewives - .
She obviously when said that; was picturing the men CEOs and I wondered why she didn’t say “men need to be more sensitive and caring so we’ll have less wars !”.
And of course there’s the Freud’s theory !. Which I was shocked to know that there are some people and psychiatrists still believe strongly in his theory … I wonder –again- why Freud didn’t ask himself if men feel any decrease because they can’t carry a life or give a birth like women … didn’t he after all said “my books are like my children” !

So, after that been said; who’s better men or women?
    Actually, no one!. Because when we make a comparison we suppose to compare according to a denominator; for example we can compare between two musicians, but we can’t between a musician and a chemist … on what base we’ll do the compare ?!
Plus, this comparison turn absolutely impassible when comparing between two complementary things … I mean -for example- men’s intelligence extend vertical and women’s horizontal … men are tough, women are emotional .. you see that everyone have what the other don’t, together they make a perfect combination … Isn’t that way people get married; because they see in the other what complement them ? Because men and women are better together !.
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